Thursday, July 15, 2010

Symi Daily Photo Journal

Thanks to the lovely people at Blipfoto, I've now started a Symi Island Photo Journal. The concept is simple. Try and upload 1 photo a day. Adding text is optional but it's nice to write a few words on why you took the shot. Early days for me at the moment, but I've had some great comments, and over 1260 views for 8 Symi related photos.

My photos will tend to be more personal instead of tourist shots you usually see around the web. Sometimes I won't have time to get out and take a shot, so maybe it will be something random from that day. If you get a chance, look at some of the other entries. You don't have to be a professional photographer with lots of submitted pictures coming from phones.

Anyway, if you fancy having a look on everyday, or every now and then, here is the link: Symi Island, Greece You'll also notice the calendar in the bottom right hand corner. You'll see here the highlighted days I've taken a photo!

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