Friday, December 16, 2011

The Symi Gallery Presents.....Handmade in Symi

Running from the 18th December to 15th January, The Symi Gallery presents, 'Handmade in Symi'. Local artists and crafts people are invited to submit and exhibit their work where others can see the rich talent of Symi locals.

ΧΕΙΡΟΠΟΙΗΤA ΣΤΗ ΣΥΜΗ ΕΚΘΕΣΗ Χειροποίητα και Καλλιτεχνήματα φτιαγμένα στη Σύμη Εγκαίνια Κυριακή 18 Δεκεμβρίου ώρα 3 μμ Η έκθεση είναι μέχρι 15 Ιανουαρίου 2012 Η γκαλερί βρίσκεται λίγο πιο κάτω από το μπαρ “Κάλη Στράτα”

HANDMADE IN SYMI An Exhibition of Arts and Crafts from Symi Opening reception Sunday 18 December at 3pm The Exhibition is from 19 December until 15 January 2012 location 3 doors down from the Kali Strata bar

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Symi Gallery - August/September 2011 Exhibition

The Symi Gallery returns, with a new exhibition by local resident Ian Haycox. Running through August and September 2011, Haycox will be exhibiting new work on the theme "Paintings in a domestic setting". The new location for the gallery has been kindly donated by the owner of the building Yiannis Lerias. The exhibition has also been sponsored by local businesses including The Symi Estate Agent, Symi Visitor Accommodation and Symi Art.

The open evening for the exhibition is from 3pm Sunday 7th August. and is located just below the Kali Strata Bar, above the high School, it should prove very popular with locals and tourists alike.

Διεθνής Σύγχρονη Τέχνη
Πίνακες σε εσωτερικό χώρο
‘Εργα του Χέικοξ

‘Εναρξη Κυριακή 07 Αυγ.
από 3 μμ ώς το σούρουπο
για 2 μήνες καθημερινά

Η γκαλερί βρίσκεται λίγο πιο κάτω από το μπαρ “Κάλη Στράτα”

The Symi Gallery
The Symi Gallery Latest News and Photos

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Symi Podcast #12

It's been a while, but the 12th instalment of the Symi Podcast is finally here. The podcasts were started in 2008 and has rapidly become one of the most downloaded from Greece. This episode is probably the most diverse yet, with selected music from all over the world including Marsen Jules, Max Richter, and Vassilis Tsabropoulos. Use the link below to visit the official Symi Podcast webpage, and download the latest episode.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Symi Easter Fireworks

Easter is celebrated in a very big way here in Greece. Here's a video from 2009 of the firework display over Symi harbour.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Symi Island, Greece 2011 Movie Trailer

Movie trailer for a Symi Art video, due to be released towards the end of 2011. Sign up to the SymiArt YouTube Channel, and be the first to see the finished video. The final movie will cover snapshots of life on a Greek island.

Symi Art YouTube Channel.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Symi Photo Journal - 80,000 views!

The Symi Daily Photo Journal has been a big success over the last few months. Today the journal reached over 80,000 views for 190 daily photos, and has in excess of 115 subscribers through the website Blipfoto. Recently the journal has been experimenting with night shots of Symi harbour using High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography. Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and the Symi Photo Blog by Symi Visitor, the daily photos have enjoyed lots of exposure to residents, visitors, and even those that have never heard of Symi.

Link to Symi Daily Photo Journal
Symi Photo Blog by Symi Visitor
Symi Dream Daily Blog and Photos

Monday, March 14, 2011

Symi Gallery Exhibition - March 2011

A new exhibition "Η ΑΝΑΚΥΚλΛΩΣΗ – The Recycling Show" will have it's open evening tonight (14th March) 7.30pm at the Symi Dream Gallery. Working with the 'Symi Gallery' the exhibition is of costumes and backgrounds used for the 2011 Symi Carnival Parade. The theme has been inspired by EPOSymis which is drawing attention to recycling issues on Symi island.

The Symi Gallery
Symi Dream
Εθελοντική Περιβαλλοντική Ομάδα Σύμης

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SymiArt Photo Prints

For the first time, you can now buy photo prints from SymiArt. Every year SymiArt takes thousands of photos of the Island of Symi, Greece, and now a small selection of these photos are available to buy in various sizes depending on your requirements. Click the link below and you'll be able to view the collection, and select the prints you wish to order.

Symi Photo Prints