Monday, August 10, 2009

Art on Symi in Horio and Yialos.

The Symi Gallery - Yialos, Symi

It's all about art and artists this month here on Symi. Firstly, on Friday 7th August was the inaugural exhibition of the new Symi Gallery on the ground floor of the Symi Visitor. A space which is full of character and perfect for artists to exhibit their work. The exhibition was of work done by local artist Haycox. A very busy evening with both local and tourists coming through the door for the 4 hour opening. What's good about the Symi Gallery is it is planned to be an all round the year exhibition centre. The gallery is already booked till December with the Haycox work being shown until September 8th. Look out for details of which artist is exhibiting next.

ODAS Exhibition | Symi Dream Gallery - Horio, Symi

On the 8th of August the annual ODAS Exhibition was opened at the Symi Dream gallery in the village. The event showcases work by local artists and gives an insight into the varied talents of those living here. Once again the opening was a well turned out event and will run until the 24th August when the "Diversity in Symi Art" Exhibition returns. So if you're in the village, the Symi Dream Gallery is just a few steps down the Kali Strata from the main Syllagos square. Well worth a visit. Further information, pictures can be found using the links below.

ODAS Exhibition at Symi Dream:
The Symi Gallery. Art by Haycox