Thursday, December 31, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009

Symi Art Exhibition - The Print Show

The Symi Gallery will be hosting The Print Show at the 2A's Bar in Chorio (village) Symi from the 13th November to 4th December. The exhibition is a collection of limited edition prints available to view and purchase from artists such as Ian Hamilton Finlay, Stuart Brisley, as well as artists that have already exhibited with the Symi Gallery. Open evening is at 7.30pm (Friday 13th) at the 2A's Bar, with drinks and snacks provided. The Symi Gallery Exhibitions will be moving locations to make them more accessible to residents. Don't forget to keep checking the Symi Gallery website for details!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Symi Art Exhibition - Jytte Loehr

The Symi Gallery will be hosting an exhibition by Danish artist Jytte Loehr titled 'Another Day on Earth. Jytte is a well respected artist exhibiting her work all over the world, and her work will be in the gallery from the 9th October to the 6th November. The Symi Gallery is located on the ground floor of The Symi Visitor building in Yialos, so if you get a chance to pop in it's worth a look. Jytte also has prints for sale, and a book. If you are on Symi, look out for posters for workshops and signings.

The Symi Gallery:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Symi Art Exhibition - Paul Sanderson

After a successful first month at The Symi Gallery with local artist Ian Haycox exhibiting, Paul Sanderson will be the second artist to exhibit from the 11th September to 6th October with the work title 'North Light'. The open evening is Friday 11th at 7.30pm onwards, and everyone is welcome!

The Symi Gallery:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Podcasts, Symi Art Exhibitions, & the darker side of Symi

August has been a busy month, and September looks to be the same. The Symi Podcast #9 and The Symi Podcast #10 were released by Athan from Athens, and returning guest DJ, Beanie G. Both have been very popular, so I think we have 2 returning Dj's for future episodes. An unpopular website here is also publishing a podcast under the same name due to stealing my original work for hits. I cannot distance myself enough from 'their' work. This is not the original Symi Podcast, and I certainly wouldn't want what they do to be labelled as anything to do with me from the original 5 podcasts they continue to list. The first 5 they do list help my ratings, but anything after this is not originally from The Symi Podcast.

Also this month, Paul Anderson will be the second exhibitor at The Symi Gallery. Starting from the 11th of September, Paul's work will be in the gallery one month. His work is very colourful, so if you're on Symi, drop by and have a look. The gallery is on the ground floor of the Symi Visitor (bottom of the'Lazy Steps') More information will appear about his exhibition, and future ones too.

Lastly, have you ever searched 'Symi' on ITunes. There is an album by Marco 'Polo' Cecere, called 'Passport to Paradise'. On the album is a track called 'The Dark Side of Symi'. Have a listen. It's actually very upbeat, and the album as a whole is a nice listen.

For those of you wondering what the picture is above. It was taken last month at St Emelianos. This is the Grandson of my landlord, and he decided to do a bit of fishing.


The Symi Podcast webpage:
The Symi Gallery:
'The Darker Side of Symi' by Marco 'Polo' Cecere (ITunes):

Monday, August 10, 2009

Art on Symi in Horio and Yialos.

The Symi Gallery - Yialos, Symi

It's all about art and artists this month here on Symi. Firstly, on Friday 7th August was the inaugural exhibition of the new Symi Gallery on the ground floor of the Symi Visitor. A space which is full of character and perfect for artists to exhibit their work. The exhibition was of work done by local artist Haycox. A very busy evening with both local and tourists coming through the door for the 4 hour opening. What's good about the Symi Gallery is it is planned to be an all round the year exhibition centre. The gallery is already booked till December with the Haycox work being shown until September 8th. Look out for details of which artist is exhibiting next.

ODAS Exhibition | Symi Dream Gallery - Horio, Symi

On the 8th of August the annual ODAS Exhibition was opened at the Symi Dream gallery in the village. The event showcases work by local artists and gives an insight into the varied talents of those living here. Once again the opening was a well turned out event and will run until the 24th August when the "Diversity in Symi Art" Exhibition returns. So if you're in the village, the Symi Dream Gallery is just a few steps down the Kali Strata from the main Syllagos square. Well worth a visit. Further information, pictures can be found using the links below.

ODAS Exhibition at Symi Dream:
The Symi Gallery. Art by Haycox

Friday, June 26, 2009

Symi Skies - June 2009

Cooling winds, and lower than expected temperatures has created some nice relief as the month draws to an end. Some cloud cover has cleared now, but not before providing some amazing formations two evenings ago. It's been a busy month on the island, and the season is well and truly underway. The Symi Art Exhibition on the Kali Strata was attended by over 250 people on the opening night. Quite something when you consider the island population is 3000.

They'll be more about Exhibitions coming soon. Something good for Symi, especially when so many artists are drawn here for it's unique architecture, colour and location. Stay tuned.

Remember - clicking on the image above will show a larger version.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Symi Art Exhibition - Symi Dream Gallery

From the 19th of June, an exhibition is taking place at the Symi Dream Gallery, on the kali Strata. The exhibition is to illustrate the creative diversity here on Symi. It will run all through the summer till the end of October, and as always admission is free. So if you have some spare time on your hands, it's well worth a visit.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Symi Summer - A hot May

Temperatures are reaching 35 at the moment, much hotter than normal for May. The rain from a week ago has meant we've been infested with mosquitos too, which can prove to be very uncomfortable in the evenings. No doubt the pharmacy will be running out of sprays before long. The harbour has been busy this week with yachts and gulets which is always a welcome sight, though we were woken yesterday due to one yacht having a party until 3 in the morning!

When on Symi, it's important to get out and about. Many tourists worry about getting lost, and stick to the main harbour. Some of the back streets are steeped in history, and provide a quiet getaway. Particularly the old mansions both in the harbour and village. Flowers are in bloom everywhere and maybe it's me, but they don't smell this good in the UK.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Symi, Simi, Syme, Σύμης. Call it what you want.

Life on Symi, (or however you want to spell it) is all good. As spring marches on, the temperatures are climbing, and the Island starts to come alive with the positive feeling of summer. It's a nice time of year, as the Island isn't too busy, and locals are chatting away in the local bars about how this year will pan out. Pictures below of our sleepy cat in the sun, and one from tonight, with two beautiful Turkish gulets docked in for the night, and well into feeding those on board.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bye Bye Barbie

Sad news to hear that 'Barbie' a well known dog here has died. She'd been quite ill over the last few months, and you could tell from her tired eyes that it was taking it's toll on her. Often wondering around the harbour and village, she would always stop to say hello to a friendly voice. Bye bye to an old friend. She will be missed by many.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Symi Full Moon - March 2009

Last night we were treated to a full moon that slowly appeared over the mountain and shone down to the harbour. It really is a beautiful sight when Yialos lights up again after the sun has set. It's almost like someone has but a spotlight up in the sky! We've had some cloud today, but the milder weather seems to have set in now.

More Symi Island at Night Pictures:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Symi Spring

There's a real feeling of Spring now in Symi. After the last few days and weeks being quite chilly, and lots of rain, the temperature has warmed up a little. Lots on Symi are getting over their colds, and people are starting to finally venture out.