Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Symi Art Exhibition - Paul Sanderson

After a successful first month at The Symi Gallery with local artist Ian Haycox exhibiting, Paul Sanderson will be the second artist to exhibit from the 11th September to 6th October with the work title 'North Light'. The open evening is Friday 11th at 7.30pm onwards, and everyone is welcome!

The Symi Gallery:

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Podcasts, Symi Art Exhibitions, & the darker side of Symi

August has been a busy month, and September looks to be the same. The Symi Podcast #9 and The Symi Podcast #10 were released by Athan from Athens, and returning guest DJ, Beanie G. Both have been very popular, so I think we have 2 returning Dj's for future episodes. An unpopular website here is also publishing a podcast under the same name due to stealing my original work for hits. I cannot distance myself enough from 'their' work. This is not the original Symi Podcast, and I certainly wouldn't want what they do to be labelled as anything to do with me from the original 5 podcasts they continue to list. The first 5 they do list help my ratings, but anything after this is not originally from The Symi Podcast.

Also this month, Paul Anderson will be the second exhibitor at The Symi Gallery. Starting from the 11th of September, Paul's work will be in the gallery one month. His work is very colourful, so if you're on Symi, drop by and have a look. The gallery is on the ground floor of the Symi Visitor (bottom of the'Lazy Steps') More information will appear about his exhibition, and future ones too.

Lastly, have you ever searched 'Symi' on ITunes. There is an album by Marco 'Polo' Cecere, called 'Passport to Paradise'. On the album is a track called 'The Dark Side of Symi'. Have a listen. It's actually very upbeat, and the album as a whole is a nice listen.

For those of you wondering what the picture is above. It was taken last month at St Emelianos. This is the Grandson of my landlord, and he decided to do a bit of fishing.


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