Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Symi Gallery - August 2010 Exhibition

The Symi Gallery will be presenting a new exhibition at the Symi Dream Gallery, on the Kali Strata. Titled 'Dawn, Dusk, Midnight - Greek Skies' the exhibition will be showcasing new and unseen work by local artist Haycox.

Running from the 8th August to the 8th September, it will be the first showcase by The Symi Gallery for 2010. Open evening is on the 7th August at 7.30pm. Usual wine and light refreshments will be served. In the past these open evenings have proved very popular with large amounts of locals and tourists alike turning up.

The Symi Gallery still wishes to pursue a more permanent exhibition space in the future, and they are talking closely with local residents and the Mayor to achieve this. To keep up to date you can follow the Gallery on Facebook, or at the Symi Gallery website. Links and info below.

The Symi Gallery
Symi Dream
Artist Haycox
The Symi Gallery on Facebook
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Symi Daily Photo Journal

Thanks to the lovely people at Blipfoto, I've now started a Symi Island Photo Journal. The concept is simple. Try and upload 1 photo a day. Adding text is optional but it's nice to write a few words on why you took the shot. Early days for me at the moment, but I've had some great comments, and over 1260 views for 8 Symi related photos.

My photos will tend to be more personal instead of tourist shots you usually see around the web. Sometimes I won't have time to get out and take a shot, so maybe it will be something random from that day. If you get a chance, look at some of the other entries. You don't have to be a professional photographer with lots of submitted pictures coming from phones.

Anyway, if you fancy having a look on everyday, or every now and then, here is the link: Symi Island, Greece You'll also notice the calendar in the bottom right hand corner. You'll see here the highlighted days I've taken a photo!