Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Symi Summer - A hot May

Temperatures are reaching 35 at the moment, much hotter than normal for May. The rain from a week ago has meant we've been infested with mosquitos too, which can prove to be very uncomfortable in the evenings. No doubt the pharmacy will be running out of sprays before long. The harbour has been busy this week with yachts and gulets which is always a welcome sight, though we were woken yesterday due to one yacht having a party until 3 in the morning!

When on Symi, it's important to get out and about. Many tourists worry about getting lost, and stick to the main harbour. Some of the back streets are steeped in history, and provide a quiet getaway. Particularly the old mansions both in the harbour and village. Flowers are in bloom everywhere and maybe it's me, but they don't smell this good in the UK.